Clover EFI for HP Probook 4540s

Install Clover
You can download the latest version of Clover here:…atest/download

Install for UEFI motherboards: Install Clover to EFI partition, do not break

Chimera/Chameleon installation

  • EmuVariableUefi-64.efi: To get NVRam works with Clover, fix shutdown/restart fix on HP Laptop
  • OsxLowMemFixDrv-64.efi: Needed to get Clover working on HP Laptop.

Install RC scripts on target volume: Install rc scrips on startup and shutdown for Clover
Install Clover Preference Pane: Install Pereferences panel for Clover to choose Theme, or set NVRAM variables.

The installer will auto mount EFI partition and copy file to it, you can check if EFI\EFI\CLOVER exists.

Config Clover

To use Clover, you have to create a config.plist file. Download Clover Configurator here:…nfigurator-29/ Run Clover Configurator and choose below settings:


  • DropOEMSSDT: Drop SSDT Table in DSDT and use SSDT.aml


  • Internal UEFI: Hide Extra UEFI in boot menu
  • Legacy: No


  • Dual Link: 0 if you have 1366×768 resolution, select 1 for larger screen

Kernel And Kernel Patches: (You can ignore this section if you already have patched kexts)

  • AppleRTC: auto patch AppleRTC for CMOS reset problem.
  • ASUS AICPUPM: auto patch AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.

Pci: (Not sure about these options, you can turn off for testing)

  • USB Injection
  • USBFixOwnership
  • Inject ClockID

SMBIOS: Create SMBIOS info for your system
System Parameters:
Legacy Boot:

  • LegacyBIOSdefault: Boot to Legacy Operating system like Chimera/Clover, Windows BIOS, Linux BIOS

Save the config.plist file in EFI\EFI\CLOVER\

Next, copy your current DSDT.aml and SSDT.aml to EFI\EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched\ and reboot to BIOS, enable UEFI Mode. If Clover can’t start, press F9 at HP Logo to choose boot devices > UEFI from file > Select EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi. If something happens and you can’t boot to Clover, go to BIOS and disable UEFI mode, you can boot to your normal Chimera/Chameleon again.



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